#Sense It | Development

#Synthetic data generation | Computer simulation | Algorithm | Statistical modeling | Autonomous vehicles | Information injected into AI models | Creating digital twins | Testing AI systems for bias | Simulating the future, alternate futures or the metaverse | Datagen | MostlyAI | Synthesis AI


#MIT | White graphene nanotubes | Stronger, heat resistant composites | Membranes for renewable energy | Hollow aligned fibers, or nanotubes, made from hexagonal boron nitride | Hexagonal boron nitride ( hBN) | Fabricating aligned boron nitride nanotubes in bulk | hBN is transparent and electrically insulating | hBN to electrically insulate sensors within electronic devices | Blue energy, electricity produced from the ionic filtering of salt water into fresh water | Nanotube engineering | Hypersonic and space applications

#ARM | Total Solutions For IoT

#ARM | Cortex Mprocessor

#ARM | Cortex A53

#Robotics Engineering | Intelligent Sensing for Object Recognition, Manipulation and Control | Design, Development and Simulation Tools for Robotics Development | Developing Intelligent Robots - Machine Learning on Edge, Cloud and Hybrid Architectures | Advanced Motion Control Solutions for Robotics Systems | Intelligent Vision and Sensing Solutions for Autonomous Mapping and Navigation | Motion Control for Healthcare Robotics Applications: Functional Requirements, Critical Capabilities

#Open CMSISCDI software Standard

#Open Io TSDK Framework

#ARM | Project Centauri

#ARM | Virtual Hardware

#ARM | Trust Zone

#ARM | Helium Technology

#ARM | Ethos U55NPU

#ARM | CortexvM85

#Carbon Robotics | Autonomous LaserWeeder Robot | Deep Learning | Laser | Lidar Sensor | Nvidia | Cumming

#Metaverse | Virtual Reality | VR | Augmented Reality | AG | Virtual World | Web3 | Meta Platform | Digital Twins | Simulation | Autonomous Vehicles | Autonomous Systems | Robots | Artificial Intelligence | AI | Universal Scene Description | USD

#Autodesk 3ds Max | Autodesk

#Vella Development Kit | Velodyne Lidar | High level perception outputs for indoor environments | 3D object list | Free space and obstacle detection | 3D occupancy grid | Lidar odometry | Extrinsic calibration | Automated ground vehicles | Surround Lidar Sensors

#NVIDIA | MLPerf | Measuring time to train neural networks | Natural language processing | Speech recognition | Recommender systems | Biomedical image segmentatione | Object detection | Image classification | Reinforcement learning | NVIDIA benchmarking suite | MLPerf Training | MLPerf Inference | MLPerf HPC | NVIDIA Platform

#Structural color | Chameleon like, color shifting materials | Stretching a piece of film to reveal a hidden message | Checking an arm band color to gauge muscle mass | Sporting a swimsuit that changes hue as one does laps | Elastic materials that when stretched can transform their color | Printed films revealing the imprint of objects | Structural color arising as a consequence of a material microscopic structure | Robotic skin that has a human like sense of touch | Devices for things like virtual augmented reality or medical training | University of Cambridge | The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at the Brigham | Women Hospital | National Science Foundation | MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation | Samsung | MIT ME MathWorks seed fund | MIT

#VARTA | Application Specific Batteries (ASB) | Energy Solutions

#GATE | Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem | Dedicated meeting the needs of electric commercial vehicle customers | IVECO | Nikola | Ecosystem focused on a variety of Zero emission vehicles

#GelSight | Artificial intelligence (AI) powered 3D sensor | Tactile sensor | Reducing the barrier of entry into robotics and touch based scanning | Opening doors to new terrain, such as the Metaverse | Digital 2D and 3D mapping to roboticists | Sensor exceeds the spatial resolution of human touch | Elastomeric tactile sensing platform | Robot Operating System (ROS) | PyTouch | Python | MIT

#UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory | GHGSat | Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Constellation Core Satellites | High resolution remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions | Attitude control technology | Precise pointing of sensors aboard low inertia platforms in orbit | Earth Monitoring and Observation (NEMO) microsatellite platform | SFL generates bigger returns from smaller, lower cost satellites | GHGSat uses its own satellites and aircraft sensors to measure greenhouse gas emissions directly from industrial sites

#picoCam | Sick | Sensor Integration Machine (SIM) | Multi camera applications

#Microchip Technology | Tactile Twist on Modern Touch Displays | Reduces Bill of Materials (BoM) | Operates on standard sensor patterns | Eliminates need for openings in the front panel | Configurable knob position, size and number of detents (clicks) | Optional push function | Up to four knob instances | Mount capacitive rotary encoders, also called rotary knobs, over a touch panel | The knob is a passive mechanical element, specifically designed to include at least one conductive pad | The maXTouch KoD touchscreen

#ICEYE | Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) | Persistent monitoring

#Terran Orbital | Mapping The Lunar Surface | LunIR satellite | NASA | Artemis | Lockheed Martin | Infrared sensor | Cryocooler | Mapping the lunar surface | Detecting materials | Identifying potential landing sites | Deep space technology | Addressing strategic knowledge gaps (SKGs) | SKGs for long duration missions to Mars

#Ouster | High-resolution lidar sensors for long, mid, and short range applications | Smart infrastructure | Autonomous machines | Robotics applications | Digital lidar architecture | Digital device powered by a fully custom silicon CMOS chip

#Data Cosmos | MultiSatellite Data Platform | Open Cosmos

#Silicon Sensing | Silicon MEMS Gyroscope sensors and modules | Ring technology | High shock and vibration environments

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#NATO | Innovation Fund | Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) | Dual use emerging technologies of priority to NATO | Artificial intelligence | Quantum enabled technologies | Autonomy | Biotechnology |Novel materials | Energy | Propulsion | Space

#Sony | Smartphone image sensors

#Lucid | Machine vision cameras | Sony cameras | Starvis CMOS sensors

#ROS | Robot Operating System | Open source software development kit for robotics applications | Standard software platform to robotic application developers | Research | Prototyping | Deployment | Production

#Intel | Kapoho Point Board

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing

#SpaceX | Satellite to cellular service